About the Blog

This blog was just a twinkle of an idea for a long time. But at the beginning of 2019 I decided to get out of my own way and even though publishing my first post was a huge step out of my comfort zone, it was also super exciting to finally be combining two of my favourite things; writing and chatting all things health and fitness.

Shortly after, I was shortlisted by the Health Bloggers Community in the ‘Best New and Noteworthy’ category for their Blogger Awards 2019 – madness!
Whilst I didn’t come away as the winner for this year, it was a huge honour to be shortlisted and have the content I’d shared so far recognised alongside some of the bloggers I myself had been following for so long!

Initially this was to be blog all about ‘fitness’, but I soon realised I wanted to share so much more than fitness alone. ‘Fitness’ to me isn’t just a physical journey, but also a mental one. My personal development through health and fitness has been important for all aspects of my life; the physical, mental, social and emotional, and that’s what I want to share.

So what can you expect to find on here?
We’ll chat:

  • Fitness and strength
  • Mental health
  • Self-care
  • Body image
  • Social media
  • Food

…and hopefully so much more.

I can’t profess to be an expert in any of these areas, by hope to be an encouraging and motivational voice amidst the mass of information already available online. I can share my stories and experiences to empower you to take back control of your own body and look after yourself and your body, in really simply but effective ways.

If I can do that for just one person, I will be so so happy.

You can also find me sharing positivity, fitness chat and quite a lot of porridge inspo, on instagram… @moll_eatsandlifts.