About Me


Hi, I’m Molly. Or Moll. Historically I’ve only been Molly-Joy to my parents, and grandparents, but I’m now also Molly-Joy, author of this blog.

I am 25.
I live in Bristol, England.
I am a University of York grad.
I work a full-time 9-5 social media job.
Fitness is my hobby, my passion and – I guess – my side hustle.

After falling into quite an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise whilst at University, I lived for some years, I now believe, with undiagnosed orthorexia. Now, with hindsight, I can see the traps I fell into and the thoughts and untruths that I believed, that led me to that unhealthy place.

But, I’ve come a long way since then.

  • Fitness is now as much for the mind as it is for the body
  • Movement of and kind is the goal, as long as it is enjoyable and challenges by body.
  • Food is for fuel and nourishment
  • Overall health is a far greater and more rewarding outcome than aesthetics and physical ‘transformations’ ever could be.

My love for fitness, and for the positive benefits it can bring to any body, is what encouraged me to work in the fitness/wellness industry, in any way I could. I am now a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and coach alongside my full-time job at F45 Bristol Central, with the hope of doing more of this in the future!

I do not, by any means, have health and wellness ‘all figured out’, but I hope that I can encourage anyone, and everyone, to start their own journey towards freedom around food, a healthy attitude towards fitness and a positive and trusting relationship with their body.

So that’s me. Head over to my ‘about this blog‘ to find out why I started sharing my journey online!

Oh, and you can also find me on instagram… @moll_eatsandlifts

Much love!
Moll. x