SUNDAY SERIES #7: Reflecting On A Seventh Week

Good morning, team. How are you?

I’ll be completely honest, I have no idea where this week’s blog post is going. Most weeks, something has happened, or I’ve had something on my mind that sparks provides the little spark of inspiration I need to sit down and write on a Sunday Morning. This week? Nada.

Before I go any further, I just wanted to say “hello” if you’re new around here! Lots of new faces have joined me over in my little corner of instagram (@moll_eatsandlifts, if you aren’t already following) which is amazing! So if you haven’t experienced a Sunday Series blog post before; in a nutshell it’s a weekly blog series that started at the beginning of lockdown in the UK. On a Sunday Morning, I sit down with a coffee and write about my week. I try to post it in it’s raw, unedited state, because reflections and thoughts aren’t perfect, so why should this blog post be? As the title suggests, we’re into week seven now, which is crazy – mostly because I’ve never written for this blog so consistently, ever, but I am loving it.

Don’t get me wrong, this week hasn’t been a bad week. All in all I’d say that it’s actually been a very good week. Work has been manageable. I’ve listened to my body and done as much or as little exercise each day as I need to stay physically and mentally healthy…

…actually, whilst we’re on that topic.

If you listened to my (first !!) IGTV last week you’ll know that I’m a self-confessed non-runner. Running is hard! But this week I nudged myself out of the front-door for a couple of short 3km runs around my local park. I’ve realised that ‘listening to my body’ is one thing, but also ‘giving my body what it needs’ is also important.

Before I was working from home, I would be walking approx. 5 miles every day, just to get to-and-from the office. Twice a day that walk served the purpose, not only of commuting, but also raising my heart rate and keeping my cardio endurance relatively in check. But, since working from home, particularly on days where my chosen form of exercise is yoga, and my outdoors-time is a gentle walk, there isn’t really any opportunity to really challenge my body or elevate my heart rate.

So from next week, I’m going to try, a couple of times a week at least (she says, hopefully…), to choose a form of exercise that challenges my cardiovascular system a little more. This won’t always be running; it might be a slightly faster paced workout, a more challenging yoga flow or a brisk walk. I don’t track my workouts, heart rate or calorie output in any way, I just go on feel, and still on enjoyment. But I have realised this week that I miss challenging my body in this way, so will try and incorporate it back in a little more in the coming weeks.

Okay, so it turns out I do have quite a lot to say this morning. Shocker.

If you are new around here and you want to hear a little more about how I’m exercising and staying active in my intuitive way, this IGTV pretty much talks you through it. Feel free to watch, and let me know how it maybe differs to how you are managing your health and fitness at the moment?

We are all different and we are all going to be navigating this strange time in our own way. No particular way is right or wrong – this is important to remember.

I’ll leave it there for today. I’m not sure if there’s a coherent message that can fully be taken from this week’s post, but I’m not mad about it. Thoughts, comments, or suggestions for things that I can maybe talk about in future blog posts are all welcome; leave a comment, or drop me a DM in instagram!

Until next time,
Moll x

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