SUNDAY SERIES #6: Reflecting On A Week Of Growth

Week six already, team – can you believe it?
How are we feeling about that? I feel like the time is flying, if I’m being honest. Where have those six-weeks gone?

Back in blog post week-one I naively thought that this series would only be three or four weeks long, yet here we are, half-a-dozen posts later. If you’re still here, and continue to check in each week, you deserve a well done, and a thank you, in equal measure!

I’m still really enjoying this new Sunday Morning routine. It gives me reason to sit still, and not get too eager to start my day. Prior to lockdown, I was always making plans and busying myself – weekend or not. Despite a hectic working week, my weekends would be no less chill! But these past six-weeks I’ve experience an enforced slowing-down, and I think it has had a really positive impact on my wellbeing.

On this topic, a post from Australian Nutritionist + Dietitian, Marika Day, really hit home this morning.

She said, “I was afraid that slow meant missing out, not doing enough, not achieving enough. I was so wrong. Slow is the opposite. Slow is presence and happiness. Slow leaves room for learning and creativity. Slow is living. Slow leaves energy for intense workouts. Slow is f*cking incredible.”

Nail on the head, right? I’m now embracing the slow, with more energy to channel into things that I choose, and – unsurprisingly – seeing the benefits of this.

This blog is the perfect example.

For over a year now I have been trying to ‘launch’ this blog and make it more of a priority. It’s something I enjoy and has so much potential, but I have never written and posted more consistently than during these past six-weeks. “Slow leaves room for learning and creativity“. The energy spent on busying myself and keeping my mind mindlessly active with over-planning my time before, is now being channeled into projects that I now have the mental capacity, energy and confidence to pursue.

Social media is another example. I understand that for some reading this, social media is a very small part of their life and that’s cool. For me, having my food and fitness account – @moll_eatsandlifts – has not only given me a platform to share a hobby and passion, it has helped me meet new people – some of which are now some of my closest friends – and also opened the door to opportunities I’d never have been found otherwise. The six-months I spent coaching wth F45 Bristol Central? It was thanks to this Instagram account.

And this encourages me to keep sharing.
Who knows where it might lead me to next.

But again, it is something I’ve only been able to focus on more since my energy output in other areas of my life has been forced to reduce.

This week I hit 1,500 followers – an amazing milestone worth acknowledging. Like my approach to food and fitness, Instagram isn’t a number game for me. But it’s huge to know that the message I try to communicate – one of intuitive eating, positive fitness and balance – is now being heard by so many more people!

I’ve had some amazing messages over the past few weeks from people who have found and followed me, and have benefited from the positive messages that I to to share. I’ve connected with people across the world and, honestly, that is the most amazing thing – particularly during this weird and unfamiliar situation.

Social media can feel like a really crowded place at times.

It’s easy to lose your spark for sharing when it seems like you aren’t being heard. But messages like the ones above make me realise that even if sometimes I can’t see it, that doesn’t mean I’m not making a positive difference to someone’s day!

I feel like I’m really starting to find my rhythm with what I want to share, and who I want to be reaching out to. This week has definitely been a week for growth, both in number and in self-confidence. I even filmed my first IGTV (who do I think I am) – so keep an eye out for that, coming to the ‘gram some time this week.

If you don’t follow me already, please do find me @moll_eatsandlifts. We chat all things health, fitness, mental health and mindset – with as much positivity thrown in as I can muster. Did you also know you can follow this blog by email, so you never miss a post?

Just thought I’d give that a cheeky mention.

Until next time,
Moll x

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