A Routine Baggy Enough To Live In

Eat Broccoli. Eat Chocolate.
Get a routine baggy enough to live in.
Don’t beat yourself up.

Matt Haig

What a quote. And that’s not even the whole thing.*

I wouldn’t say that I’m the kind of person to have inspirational quotes plastered over every wall in my house, but I would say that this one is ‘up there’ with the sort I’d have on a coaster on a prominent coffee table so that all my visitors can benefit from when they come to visit.

I think it can be applied to many different areas of life, but for me it particularly resonated when thinking about it in relation to my ‘health and fitness’ routine.

For a while now using the term ‘fitness routine’ has sat a little uncomfortably with me. And this is because a routine, by definition, is:

routine / ruːˈtiːn

  1. a sequence of actions regularly followed.

Regularly followed‘… and therein lies the problem.

For the past six-to-twelve months, no two weeks of exercise (#fitness) have looked the same for me. Gone are the days when I would be routinely hitting the gym four or five times per week, ticking off 2x upper body and 2x lower body sessions with a cardio day thrown in for fun if I felt like it.

To use the term ‘routine’ in it’s most structured sense now would be widely inaccurate.

And this is where the baggy jumper comes in.

We’ve all got one. Maybe even two – or a whole drawer full. You know the one – that jumper that you throw on at the end of the day, or at the weekend, or when you’re snuggling in for a night on the sofa. That jumper.

Have a fitness routine baggy enough to live in. Your fitness routine should fit you like that baggy jumper. How, you ask?

Well, think about why you love that baggy jumper so much…

It’s oh-so comfortable

You choose it because it brings you comfort and it ‘sparks joy’, correct? So go forth and apply that Marie Kondo philosophy to your workouts! You should look forward to exercise, train in a way that makes you feel strong and empowered and happy to be moving, not pressured or restricted or too-hot-under-the-collar.

It’s hella roomy

Post-roast-dinner baggy jumper, where you at?! Roomy clothing gives room for growth (aka that extra one or two roast potatoes, am I right?) But in exactly the same way, your baggy routine gives you space to grow as a person, space to learn new skills, space to try new ways of moving and exercising. Nobody needs a routine that fits like that too-small pair of jeans that pinches in awkward places when you move in an unfamiliar way…right?

It’s gloriously low-maintenance

No ironing necessary, your baggy jumper looks great regardless of what you pair it with and doesn’t require it’s own wash cycle to stop it from falling apart. Find yourself a method of exercising regularly that requires as little effort. You know the drills, it fits in with your lifestyle and it isn’t an over-complicated equipment frenzy that that requires a compass to navigate. Keep it simple, simple works.

It travels really well

Comfortable to travel in and a first choice when packing. Just the same, exercise and routines don’t have to stop when you’re not at home. The way you go about it might not be the same, but you’ll find ways of moving that fit in with your geographical location in the world and the resources you have available to you. Alternatively, your baggy jumper stays at home and it’ll be there to pick right back up when you get back. You with me?

It’s super versatile

Last, but not least, versatility. I don’t know about you, but I have a baggy jumper for almost every occasion. A ‘Netflix Sundays’ baggy jumper, a ‘Smart Casual’ baggy jumper and a ‘popping into town’ baggy jumper. All great, all fit for purpose. A baggy routine can do the same. If life gets busy, it can adapt. Got some extra time at the weekend? Take it slow and enjoy the time spent. No strict dress code = no strict fitness goal.

I hope we’re still on the same page, or that you at least you loosely grasp my point…

Get yourself a fitness routine that you want to keep in your life as much as your most treasured baggy jumper. Much like your jumper, your baggy routine will see you through many more years. It will grow with you, adapt to change, travel with you, comfort you and keep you feeling your. best. self.

Until next time.
Moll x

*As a side note – I would fully recommend following Matt Haig on social media – he’s a very good egg in a world of not-so-great eggs and shares fab little quotes like the one I used here!

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