Life Update: Fitness, Work and Wellbeing

Hello. Hi. How are you? It’s been a while. And for this, I apologise – life, well it got a bit crazy. My blog, and to a certain extend my Insta, unfortunately were two things that have had to take a back-seat for a while whilst I figured out all of the other biz going on in the real-life world.

I’ve been ‘nesting’ most of today, bumbling through the week-day hangover (you know, that feeling on a Saturday when you haven’t quite ‘settled in’ for the weekend yet but are actually still processing the chaos of the five days before). In a nutshell, this means I didn’t leave the flat until 3pm and 50% of the furniture and plants have been rearranged – whoops. But I digress.

Now I’m slowly coming out of the other side of the busybusybusy, emerging from the murky depths of July and into August with a must brighter outlook. So, I thought it was about time I put virtual-pen back to virtual-paper and gave a bit of an all-round update on what’s been going on.

This blog has always been as much for me as it is for anyone and everyone who finds it online, in the hope that we can all benefit and take something positive away. July seemed to disappear in a flash, with a lot of ups and downs and I figured that writing it all down was a great way to check-in with myself and the past 4+ weeks. Hopefully though, there’ll be some nuggets of relatable and shared experiences along the way that you can benefit from too.

Are we sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Three guesses where we’ll start…


I guess that the biggest and most recent update here is that I have cancelled my gym membership. *pauses for shock reaction*. Okay, so it may not seem that shocking but aside from the 14 months I went travelling, I have had a gym membership for the past 7 years. It’s my routine. My constant.

However with life being so busy, the 5.30am alarm became less and less appealing, my evenings were taken up with studying and other life admin, and I slowly but surely “fell off the wagon”. I didn’t even have the headspace to be annoyed about it, and a couple of weeks passed before I realised I wasn’t missing it all that much either. And in the end, it came down to a very adult financial decision, which simply is that I cannot afford to pay for a gym membership that I have no desire to use at the moment.

But fear not. I haven’t sacked off physical activity in it’s entirety (imagine – *gets personal training qualification and then gives up all physical activity* – all the lols). No, I’m still pretty active, as it goes. I walk to work every day, which is a 5 mile round-trip. I have been training at least once a week at F45. I’ve made it to a couple of Hotpod Yoga classes. I have also been rediscovering my running feet, with a couple of 5k’s a week as well. My fave new activity is to run 5k with these guys at Bristol’s Run Talk Run. RTR takes place every week, (I’ve been for the past couple of weeks), is free to attend and makes running 5k much more easy-breazy!

Run Talk Run, Bristol.

I don’t doubt that I will pick up my gym bag again soon, and return to the world of weights and strength training – I think it will always be my preferred way to train. But for now, here are my thoughts:

  • I’m enjoying taking my movement outside – when the weather allows.
  • I’m enjoying testing my body and challenging myself at F45 – whilst I did a lot of HIIT training whilst I was travelling, I’ve been exclusively lifting in the gym for the past couple of years, so this style of exercise all feels a bit new.
  • I’m enjoying finding my running feet again, even if it’s only for a gentle 5k.
  • Most of all, I’m loving that all of my activities involve other people and I’m running or training as part of a team – this isn’t something you get so much at the gym, and I had almost forgotten how much more enjoyable exercise can be with friends!


Boy oh boy, where do I start. It’s been ‘all-change’ on the work front lately and I am VERY excited about ALL of it.

I very recently announced on my instagram (@molly_eatsandlifts if you don’t follow already) that I am now coaching at F45 Bristol Central – somebody pinch me. If you’d have told me 6 months ago that I’ve be working as part of the F45 Team, I probably would have assumed you were drunk, or mildly insane, or possibly both. But it’s true and I have already learned SO much in my fews weeks there. You’ll find me coaching at the studio on Sunday mornings at 9.15am or 10.20am.

Second update on the work front – I have a (another) new job! And by ‘job’ I mean my full-time, ‘pays my bills’ job. For those who don’t know, I don’t actually ‘do fitness’ full-time, but actually still #adult in a nine-to-five desk job, working for a charity. But, not for too much longer. I have just secured a new role and will be moving into that job at the end of the month. I’ll still be working nine-to-five, but the role is working with social media and it’s in the realm of sport and physical activity, which is much more ‘me’, shall we say. I cannot wait to get started, and will of course let you all know how I am getting on!


They say “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and by the looks of the pictures I’ve chosen for this piece, I’m led to believe that ‘well-being’ to me basically means; “being happy whilst eating all the food – mostly brunch”. But it’s kind of true. I’m usually my most content when I’m sitting across the table from some of my favourite people, eating delicious food / drinking delicious coffee / putting the world to rights over a G&T.

Reflecting on the past few weeks / couple of months, I’ve been in a pretty anxious and unsettled place. I think a lot of it was work related, so hopefully that will only start to alleviate as we go forwards from here. However, I became very self-aware of how said anxiety, stress and worry had started to impact my day-to-day and so a few months ago I referred myself to the local well-being therapy service (apparently so did the world and his wife, because it was a 3 months waiting list just for a telephone appointment). Any-who, that appointment finally rolled around and was a hugely positive step. I’ve been recommended for a series of CBT therapy sessions, to help me reframe my thinking and tackle the worry-thoughts that bring me so much anxiety. All being well, I’ll keep you updated on this too.

I’ve learned over the past few weeks that communication is key. Anyone who knows me knows that I struggle to vocalise my feelings, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. But I’m learning to speak out a bit more when I am struggling, and ask for the help, or space, or advice, that I need.

Shout-out to anyone who I’ve ranted/worried at over the past few weeks (online, or otherwise) – you’re all heroes. Here’s to an increasingly more ‘chill’ Molly from here on out (we hope).

In conclusion… (I don’t actually think that’s the most appropriate way to end this post, but I’m struggling to find a ‘chattier’ alternative…)

Fitness, for me, is synonymous with physical and mental wellbeing – exercise basically helps keep me sane, so I’ll continue to move-and-groove as often as I can, be it a run or a class, or something new. The type of exercise I’m doing may have changed to fit in with my current lifestyle, but it’s still a bit part of my weekly routine.
Work is all change and I’m trying to be open to as many new and exciting opportunities as I can, not only for my career but also my confidence and self-belief.
And, last but not least, blogging will now remain a much higher priority – yay! Expect more words and ramblings from this Bristol-based-fitness-gal-and-lover-of-brunch from this point forward.

Until next time,
Molly x

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