Shortlisted: Health Blogger Awards 2019

I have been shortlisted for ‘Best New and Noteworthy Blog’ at the HBC Health Blog Awards 2019!

When I launched my little blog – A Molly Story – never in a million years did I think that within six months of being online, I would be shortlisted for a blogging award.
No sir’ee.

I already follow a lot of bloggers that had been shortlisted for a HBC Award in 2018, and had attended a HBC event – so knew a little bit about the community. When I got an email saying they were accepting nominations for the 2019 Awards, I couldn’t help but think: “…this would be so unlikely, but wouldn’t it be amazing if…?!” At this point I’d only been writing for a few months and, not one to normally shout about my own efforts or achievements, nominating myself felt a little uncomfortable. But, as a wise woman (a.k.a my Mum) once told me:

The only competition you can’t win is the one you don’t even enter yourself into.

So I went for it. I nominated myself in a couple of different categories and tried not to think any more of it – there was no way my little blog was going to make the cut, surely.

WRONG! I have been shortlisted (and if you hadn’t guess that by now – please go back and read this whole post again…)

Even more hilariously, I didn’t get the email to tell me I’d been shortlisted, because it had gone into my junk (handy, right). I started seeing other bloggers sharing their ‘shortlisted news’ and figured I hadn’t made it through the first round. It was only when I decided to torture myself a little more and see who had been shortlisted, did I see my own face on the screen in front of me!

What is the HBC?


The Health Bloggers Community is a community of thousands of influencers and bloggers that all share a common goal – to make a positive impact in the heath and wellness industry. Everyone is sharing their own message, be it; fitness, food and recipes, mental health awareness, self-care, lifestyle – or a little bit of all of the above! The HBC exists to provide a common space for each blogger to learn new skills, share their message and grow their audience, so that more people can benefit from the content that they create.

There are thirteen categories in total for this year’s HBC Awards – an incredible sixty-five shortlisted bloggers or influencers! Categories range from ‘Best Recipe Blog’ to ‘Best Vegan Blog’, ‘Best Chronic Illness and Recovery Blog’ to ‘Best Science and Nutrition Blog’. You can check out the full list of categories and the shortlisted bloggers here.

A Molly Story

I started my blog in January 2019 as a space to share my thoughts and experiences in health, fitness and wellness – basically anything that was too long to fit in an instagram caption.

It’s not really a ‘fitness’ blog – we’ll talk about fitness, but not weight-loss, strict routines or ‘getting your beach bod ready’. It’s not really a ‘food’ blog – we’ll talk about food, but not calories, ‘treat meals’ or ‘cheat days’. It’s a ‘little bit of everything’ blog – we’ll talk about body image, self-care, the importance of sleep, positivity and mental health. The past experiences that got me to where I am today, and the new experiences that continue to shape my health and fitness journey. Basically, ‘wellness’, as a whole and what I think that might look like – even though it might look different to you. I wanted a space to be able to talk about all of these things, in a positive and individual way.

I can’t profess to be an expert, nor can do I have all of the answers. But, with this blog I hope to be a clear, encouraging and motivational voice in the health and fitness online space. If I can help just one person by sharing my experiences, some lessons learned and a little advice, I will be so very happy.

A Final Word of Thanks

A huge thank you goes to my boyfriend, for enduring my initial indecision about starting this blog, for encouraging me to believe that I could make it happen, and for reading every post since. Thank you also to anyone and everyone who has taken the time to read even one post so far, and who has given my such positive and supportive feedback – without it I would never have made it this far or had the confidence to nominate myself for this award.

Public vote accounts for a one third of the overall judging, which is HUGE!

I would love love love it if you could vote for me in the ‘Best New’ category.
You can vote until 24 June 2019.

You are all wonderful.
Thank you!

Molly x

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